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Password protect file, folder

Password protecting of files and folders has always been available in Windows since 2000. All you needed is to use NTFS file system for your local hard drives. It is based on Windows accounts system. And the most important thing here to properly password protect file and folder using this approach is to use different user accounts for different people. It is easy to understand, but actually this simple rule is not used every time.

The better approach to password protect file, folder is to encrypt'em!

When you password protect file or folder by encryption, the content of the file looks to others like the random data - a digital garbage. And there is no any way to see what that file contains.

Moreover, you can easily to securely send this password protected file as email attachement to your friend (with NTFS protected files it is impossible to do such task!). And when other people use your computer under your user account it will  also be impossible to read your password protected file contents.

All such possibilities are provided by AEP PRO tool. AEP PRO is the file password protection software, it is simple and elegant, it works perfectly under Windows 7 and olders OS.


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