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Best Encryption Software - How to choose?

In nowdays the market of security products is overloaded by more than 80 different desktop applications for Windows (r) platform and it is very complex task for average user to choose a really good security product.

We have been developing security products for last 12 years and we would like to give you a few advices how to choose best encryption software.

The First advice. Avoid 'fake' encryption products.

What we mean. Some companies producing encryption software write something like: "Our product has many patent-pending security layers and can encrypt several gigabytes of data on USB Flash Drive in 3-5 seconds. Your confidential financial documents are absolutely secure. Do not worry.".

Gigabytes of data in several seconds on usual usb memory stick? Khm.... Of course, it is not true. The speed of read/write operations on USB flash drives does not allow to encrypt several GBs of data in 2-3 seconds. Such kind of software just hides files from the underlying file system. But does not really encrypt them. And believe us - it is very easy to recover all your "encrypted" & hidden files for real curious person. Actually, your confidential information is absolutely insecure!

Only real encryption can guarantee the real security.

The Second advice. Avoid encryption software advertising own super-puper-strong encryption algorithm.

Actually, only old known encryption algorithms are really secure. Why? Because old encryption algorithms were examined by thousands of cryptographists and even by whole specialized institutions for many years. Examples of good encryption algorithms: AES (Rijndael), Blowfish, Serpent and etc.

The third advice. Many-many bits in the encryption algorithm does not mean the superiour security of this algorithm.

For example: Diamond2-2048 bit is not secure than AES-128 bit.

The forth advice.  Avoid clones of popular on-the-fly encryption open-source encryption products.

Unfortunatelly, the availability of some good open-source products gave birth to 50-100 of clones. Open Source means the availability of complicated technology to everyone. But not everyone is able to understand how to use this technology properly.

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