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File decryption utility (freeware).

The most recent version is 5.64, built on June 15, 2012. Download size: 3.76MB

free file encryption software

Crypt4Free builds on our award winning Advanced Encryption Package Professional, it is freeware and used to decrypt files created by AEP PRO. 

if you received encrypted file via internet, use Crypt4Free to decrypt this file (if the file was encrypted by owner of AEP PRO).

But Crypt4Free can also be used and as the encryption software. It is not so powerful as AEP PRO, but it has all necessary things to do your life easier.

It uses two encryption algorithms to protect your files: Blowfish 448 bit and DESX 128 bit. And "Quick Wipe" algorithm to shred sensitive files.


Work with files

Secure communicating with others via Internet

Security Level

Download free encryption software

  Download "Crypt4Free" (crypt4free_setup.exe) (4mb)

Do you still have questions?

 Advanced Encryption Package Professional  is not free. But it is much more powerful than this freeware encryption utility. It has additionally 17 encryption algorithms, 19 secure files erasure algorithms, RSA encryption support, command line utility, integration with Windows Explorer and much more!

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