Encryption Software - File encryption, Secure File Transfer, Batch File Encryption and Encrypted Backups

Advanced Encryption Package 2025 - award-winning easy-to-use file encryption software for Windows(r) 11, Windows 10

encrypt file with password and 256-bit AES


  • Easy to use for novices. It integrates nicely with Windows Explorer and made easy for novices.

enter password windows 10
  • Strong and proven algorithms to protect your sensitive documents (20 encryption algorithms).
  • File and/or text encryption.
  • Symmetric and asymmetric algorithms (17 data destruction algorithms). Support for public-private RSA key pair (one key for encryption and another for decryption) as well as for binary symmetric files (randomly generated)
using key file for file decryption operation
  • Secure file deletion.
  • Drag and drop support (right mouse button).
drag and drop and decrypt using right mouse button
  • Using USB flash drives to store [en]-decryption keys.
  • Creating encrypted self-extracting file to send it as email attachement. No additional software is required on other end!
self-decrypting document
  • Complete command line support to fully automate [en]-decryption tasks.
command line tool for encryption of file

Why Advanced Encryption Package?

 Encryption software for Windows 8

We have been developing and improving Advanced Encryption Package for many years (the first version was released in 1998).

In these years we've implemented hundreds of improvements suggested by thousands of our customers from around the world (aep pro is used in 80 countries) and now, Advanced Encryption Package is one of the most feature rich file encryption software for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7.

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Download AEP and start protecting confidential files today! Try free for 30 days.

The most recent version is 6.08, built on July 21, 2024. Download size: 7.3MB


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Self Defence Package

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Great tool to help make things just a little easier

Advanced Encryption Package Professional is a tool that can ease some of the pain of working with encrypted messages and files.