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AEP 2014 v5.92 - Replaced Click-Open-Encrypt operation

February 11, 2014

We are happy to announce AEP v5.92 featuring new, completely redesigned, Wipe and Double Click / Open / Encrypt operations

In this build we completely rewriten the Double Click / Open / Encrypt operation. Now it works faster and better. It provides possibility, for example, to double click the encrypted Excel document (on the Desktop), enter password and edit it in Excel. Then, when Excel is closed, AEP detects it and reencrypt the changed document again using the same password.

Additionally, in this build, we completely rewritten the Wipe feature, called from shell context menu. Now it works 10-20x faster and has different interface.

Future of AEP

With this minor version, we finished to integrate new developed CryptoPlatform into modules, called from the shell context menu. 

In next versions of AEP, we have plans to add completely new feature: the passwords database available to all modules of AEP. 

After that the main AEP's application will be removed from the project and, possibly, replaced by new application with brand-new interface.

Stay Tuned!


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