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AEP 2014 v5.91 - New Encryption / Encryption to SFX Password window

January 17, 2014

We are happy to announce AEP v5.91 featuring new, completely redesigned, file encryption / file sfx encryption feature.

Since march 2013 we have been developing new encrytion engine for aep. Currently, 90% of the internal engine has been rewritten, it will be faster and provide additional features and, possibliy, it will allow to port aep to another platforms, for example Android OS.

This minor version is our next step to move AEP to the new developed crypto platform.

In this minor version we worked hard to replace old encryption file dialog to thw new, modern one.

file encryption password window

With new password window you see necessary data only. 

It is possibly to change the destiny of source files by clicking the Change hyperlink.

To change additional settings, it is possible to expand the window by clicking the More button.

File encryption password window in expanded mode

It is possible to quickly change the used encryption algorithm by clicking the algorithm's hyperlink:

encryption window change algorithm

Additionally, this new design of the password window is used when encrypting files to self-decrypting variants:

encrypt files to self decrypting files

Moreover, in this version we update the logic of displaying the progress of wiping files after encryption. Now it is much more clear:

encyrpt and wipe file progress

Additionally, we added support for UTF8/Unicode registration user names. 

Moreover, since this version, the aep is fully unicode filenames compatible when encrypting and decrypting files. It gives possibility to encrypt files/folders with native characters in the filename. Unfortunatelly, this feature is available when encrypting/decrypting from shell context menu only, not from main application yet.

And last, wow the program has an improved Sfx Module which in earlier versions, under certain circumstances, displayed the "Application Compatibility Assistant" when closing the window on vista os and later.


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