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AEP v5.93 - improved gui

March 14, 2014

We are happy to announce AEP v5.93 featuring new, completely redesigned Encryption Password window and other parts.

In this version we solved the problem - Windows TaskBar and other windows were freezed sometime when AEP encrypted files.

Additionally, we redesigned the Encryption Password Window. Now it has second password field:

encryption password window

Also, we added new behaviour for the second password field. It becomes Red when it does not match the first password:

password confirmation becomes red when the second password does not match the first password

Moreover, we solved the File Error Window resizing problem for too long file paths:

file error resizing problem

and now it works fine

file error window resized properly


We significally rewritten the module of encryption/decryption of files(s) when file is dragged-and-dropped from one location to another using right mouse button:


drag and drop by right mouse button

Now this operation supports unicode file names.

Moreover, we fixed strange bug: when Wipe operation was clicked in the shell context menu, AEP asked confirmation for the operation, but it deleted selected files even when user cliecked the No button :-)

quick file wipe question

At last, we improved compatibility with old encryption files. Improved handling of special characters in password in unicode password mode.


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