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AEP 2014 5.90 - improved decryption from context menu

December 16, 2013

Version 5.90 (December 16, 2013) 

Since march 2013 we have been developing new encrytion engine for aep. Currently, 90% of the internal engine has been rewritten, it will be faster and provide additional features.

In this minor version we replaced old file decryption module (called from windows explorer context menu) by new one (based on the new engine). Now it is much faster than previous one (20 megabytes per second and faster) and provides new features.

For example, when next file cannot be decrypted using current password, AEP asks for the concrete file's password, remembers it and uses remembered passwords to decrypt next files. Previously, it asked passwor only once and displayed "wrong password" message in the log for every file with another password. Additionally, now it is possible to skip file with unknown password.

file decryption password

Additionally, changed error handling during decryption: when any error occured (for example not enough free space on target drive), AEP does not break whole operation as previously, bot tries to recoever and offers possibility to repeat operaiton, sip file or abort decryption.

decryption error dialog

Additionally, the decryption operation now supports unicode in file names (in next minor version we will add the unicode support to other operations).

And last, we removed the product from "Advanced Encryption Package 2013 Professional" to more shorten variant "Advanced Encryption Package 2014", because we have no "AEP 2013 Standard" anymore.

And we removed the USB support since this minor version. Future AEP versions will have abosulety another model of handling database of passwords.


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