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Crypt4Free 5.3.6 - Improved the re-encrypt behaviour under Windows 7

April 24, 2010

Crypt4Free has nice possibility to work with encrypted files with ease with its click & edit feature.

To use this feature, you need to double click the encrypted file in your Windows Explorer. Crypt4Free will intercept this file and ask you for a password.

After providing correct password the decrypted document will be opened in the associated application (for example encrypted Text File will be opened in Notepad, encrypted Word Document will be opened in Microsoft Word and etc).

Now you work with the document as usually. Then you close the application (Word, Notepad and etc).

Crypt4Free detects this situation and checks - whether the file was changed or not.

If yes, Crypt4Free shows the message:

How to edit encrypted file or document

In previous versions of Crypt4Free this message was located under other windows on Windows 7.

Since this version, this message is always visible because it is located on the top of other windows.


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