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AEP PRO 5.49 - New look of Self-Extracting document.

April 26, 2011

We are happy to announce Advanced Encryption Package Professional v.5.49 featuring several important improvements.

In this release we rewritten SFX module completely!

Old gui created 10 years ago was good:

Old interface of self extracting encrypted moduile

But now it is the time of Windows 7 era. And we have rewritten the sfx module completely!

Now, the interface of SFX module is fresh and modern:

Self-decrypting document gui

Attentive readers see new option "Open decrypted document after extraction". Yes, now, when the option is checked, the decrypted document is opened in the associated application.


The progress of the decryption is indicated on the next page:

Progress of decryption of self decrypting document

We made all efforts to make the sfx module compatible with older versions of Windows. For example, the self-decrypting document created by this File Encryption Software works well on Windows XP:

Self-decrypting document on Windows XP




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