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Released AEP PRO 5.1.5

August 23, 2009

In this version we've added onw command line switch -ADDKEYHASH, used together with command ENCRYPTRSA.

And new command CHECKPUBKEYRSA to check specified public key file against the specified encrypted file.

Information from help file for this command

CHECKPUBKEYRSA - check public key file against encrypted file

This command is used to check whether the specified public key file was used for encrypted file or not.

Use -addkeyhash switch to add hash information using command encryptrsa.


CHECKPUBKEYRSA="c:\pathto\publickeyfile.aepkey" c:\path2\encryptedfile.aep


CHECKPUBKEYRSA="c:\pathto\publickeyfile.aepkey" c:\path2\*.aep

Compatible switches



This command generates report looking like

CHECKPUBKEYRSA="C:\aepkeys\test_2048bit_public.aepkey" "C:\temp\fakedisk\Accounting\*.*"

Checking RSA Key


The Legend:

[YES] - yes, this public key file was used for file encryption

[NO] - no, another public key file was used for encryption

[NOHASH] - this file has no hash information about public key

[ERR] - other error


Processing encrypted file(s)...

C:\temp\fakedisk\Accounting\Affiliated Company.doc.aep .... [NOHASH]

C:\temp\fakedisk\Accounting\Lower of Cost or Market.xls.aep .... [YES]



It is possible to analyze returned code in your batch script in case when you specify single encrypted file, i.e. not file mask. In this case aepcmd returs errorlevels:

0 - it is the public key file was used for encryption of this file. This code is also retured, when you specified single file, but it does not exist.

6 - this encrypted file has no hash information about used public key file (-addkeyhash switch was not used together with encryptrsa command).

7 - the specified public key file is not valid for this encrypted file. I.e. another public key file was used for encryption

other code - error


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