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AEP PRO 5.3.1 - Added AutoUpdate ability

February 20, 2010

As it is known, every purchased license of AEP PRO includes free upgrades within 12 months after purchase. And we produce new versions very often (usually we do it every 2-3 weeks). Every minor update fixes known bugs (reported by our customers) and/or introduces new features.

But it was no very comfortable for our users to upgrade to newer versions. It was needed to uninstall previous version, then download new one and install it again.

Now, since this 5.3.0 version  the process is pretty simple!

Just click the "Upgrade to xx.xx" button in the "New version detected window" and AEP PRO will download the new version and install it fully automatically!

Also, SFX module is now digitally signed.


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